Setup is less intimidating than it seems, especially if you're familiar with BGS modding and linux. Half of these instructions exist simply because there are multiple ways you can set up your system.

Note: This guide assumes a vanilla instance of Starfield is running. This is not a guide on how to run Starfield on linux.

Currently only fully supports premium members. Non Premium members should be able to add files by zip folder or nexus "download with mod manager links", but likely won't be able to download mods by pasting in a url or id.

Enable javascript to watch demos

Make sure you have dependencies installed and a copy of the manager.

This section lets you more easily run the manager, and use the "Download with Vortex" buttons on Nexus.

Before you can download and deploy mods, you need to configure the app. This config will be saved in config.json in the folder the jar is in. (Mod data will be stored in another file in that folder).

If you're unable to install SFSE, you can deploy to the docs folder directly, but please note that this is not recommended as it's more error prone and can cause issues

FOMODs are made to be installed with a gui. Because they rely on images and require the parsing of a non-trivial XML structure, it's not worth the time to support through the terminal.

Instead, FOMODS are called out when you try to enable them, or run the validate command. Installing them, even without a gui, is still simple to do.

Run the app and then use help to see commands. Alternatively you can look at the generated man page. You can also look through examples.

To reduce typing, most commands take the index of the mod, instead of mod id or name. This means the index of a mod can change as mods are added, deleted or sorted. Listing mods will always show their indices, and filtering will retain the index.

Please report any issues with the manager or this site to their respective github issues page.